About the Ministry & the Painter:

Hello, my name is Codye Reystead.  Studio 29:11 Ministries was birthed on November 11, 2007, with a painting done at my youngest daughter’s dedication.  The painting was in a small church with only a handful of people attending.  Something deep within me that day began to stir, though I did not yet understand the ministry the Father was birthing.  In those days, the Lord began to breath His breath of “life” into a dream He had destined at my making.

The Spirit of the Lord began to open doors, and in the span of three short years,  paintings were created in front of thousands.  Three years to the day after the first painting, the Lord took Studio 29:11 to the Resound Conference in Boulder, Colorado.  This ministry, born in the midst of few, the Father has accelerated and used to minister to thousands.  What a gift from my Lord and a marked celebration November 11, 2010 was!

The Lord has created a ministry that I am humbled and honored to be a part of.  It is not mine, it is fully His.  The Holy Spirit has invited me in, to abide in partnership with Him, when creating His visions.  It is a partnership of pure joy, pleasure and delight.  I worship and serve the Lord through the artistic gifting, that He might glorify Himself, and reveal His heart to His children through my hands.  What an amazing honor and journey it is…He as The Artist, and I as the Painter.

The Father has lovingly brought me into Jeremiah 29:11-13, “…for He knows the plans He has for me.”  It is my heart that each individual knows Him as Creator, the One who fashioned them in their mother’s womb.  It is my heart that all will come into the divine revelation of the specific dreams and plans the Creator has for them…to know and experience ”the plans He has for you, to prosper you and not to harm you…to give you hope and a future.”

The heart of this ministry lies in the burning passion to see others come into their Kingdom identity and destinies…  for us  to see ourselves as the Father sees us, and to know who we are  in Jesus.  May we come into the glorious bride for our King that we are destined to be…

Seeking His heart unleashes His Divine Presence…

As the painter, it is my desire that the paintings the Holy Spirit creates through my hands will minister the Father’s heart to you.  May the Holy Spirit use the paintings He inspires, to lead you into a deeper encounter with our Heavenly
Father and His Beloved Son, Jesus.